How to pass through Chinowa ring.

Chinowa-kuguri(茅の輪くぐり) is Shinto’s annual custom of purification usually held on June 30(some are in sometime in June). It is part of Nagoshi-no-harae” (夏越しの祓え), or summer purification ceremony.

Chinowa means “ring of cogon grass” and kuguri means “passing through”.
Nagoshi means “over summer” and harae means “purification”.

The idea is “Just half a year has passed since a New Year’s Day. Our bodies are gradually polluted by the daily evils. So we want to cleanse our bodies to greet next half a year with good health.” Traditional way to feel refresh before hot summer.

The ring remains usually till July. If you visit the shrines during this season, you might find one. Let’s do with the proper manner!

• Bow once. Counterclockwise with left leg.
• Bow again. Clockwise with right leg.
• Bow again. Counterclockwise with left leg.
• Bow again. Step forward with left leg and visit the shrine for praying.

Now your body is purified from half a year’s daily pollution.

⚠⚠⚠Taking the grass from the ring is a big taboo, cause the grass ring take over people’s pollution. So it comes to that you are taking others’ evils back home wiith you.

Why start with left side?
Traditionally Japan has made importance on left side than right side. For example, we cleanse our left hand first at water basin in Shinto shrines. It seems to be opposite way of thinking to many countries overseas. Interesting to think about.


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