O-003 : Private Kamakura – One day trip from Tokyo

Private day trip to Hakone only for you and your group, starting from Tokyo. Kamakura is one of the most popular day-trip destinations, located just one hour south of Tokyo. This coastal city used to be the center of Japan during the 12th to 14th century, where Samurai government ruled Japan first time in our history. Zen (meditation) Buddhism flourished here with Zen style rock gardens, consist of only pebbles and rocks to represent nature, making Kamakura unique place.


Start  09:00AM(10:00 if preferred) 
Meeting point Your hotel or any preferred spot in Tokyo 23 wards
Ending point  Your hotel or any preferred spot in Tokyo 23 wards



Basic spots visiting

Great Buddha (Kotokuin Temple)

The second tallest seated Buddha statue in Japan.

Great Buddha of Kotokuin Temple Admission : 300JPY/adult, 150JPY/elementary

Hasedera Temple

Near Great Buddha, one of the prettiest temples in Kamakura with many cute smiling Jiz0 statues. Famous for it hydrangea trail in early summer.

Hasedera Temple admission : 400JPY/adult, 200JPY/elementary

Hachimangu Shrine

Kamakura’s most important shrine founded by Samurai leader in the late 11C.

Komachi Street

 Popular shopping street leads to Hachimangu Shrine.

Enoden train

Enjoy nostalgic local train often appears on TV drama, anime and manga comics.

One more spot to choose

【Basic-1】Kencho-ji Temple

Top rank of 5 Zen Buddhist temples of Kamakura, holding many important heritages.

Kencho-ji admission: 500JPY/adult, 200JPY/child

【Basic-2】Meigetsuin Temple

Famous as flower temple, especially hydrangea. Circular window is also popular as photogenic.

Meigetsuin admission: 500JPY/adult, 300JPY/child

【Nature-1】Houkoku-ji Temple

known as Bamboo temple. You can enjoy Maccha green tea while watching bamboo grove.

Houkokuーji admission: 300JPY, or 600JPY with Matcha green tea.


A small quiet temple near bamboo temple. Moss stair is impressive.

Sugimoto-dera admission: 300JPY/adult, 200JPY/Junior-high school student, 100JPY for under 12 (elementary)

(Option with Extended 2 hours) Enoshima Island

Enoshima Island to enjoy panoramic ocean view from Enoshima Sea Candle, lighthouse observation tower. 2H extension required. 

Eno-pass: 1,000JPY/adult, 500JPY/child under 12

* I can customize the itinerary based on your request. Feel free to ask me any arrangement.


・This tour is basically a walking tour, using public transportation such as subways and trains. Please join with comfortable walking shoes.
・We can go for taxis upon your request at your expense, anytime if you wish.
・If someone in your group needs special care for long walking and stairs, let me know in advance.
・Please bring some cash in Japanese yen, since credit card is not accepted for vending machines and small shops/restaurants in Japan.

Expenses Not Included

・Transportation fee (you and guide)
・Food and drinks (you and guide)
・Entrance fee (you and guide)

Extra Hours

For Enoshima Island, 2H Extended hours. 

Major Cost (on tour day)

Pleas use “Quick Estimate” on the bottom of this page for your convenience.

【 Basic 】JR or Odakyu Railway (depends on hotel location and spots select)

Transportation fee depends on your hotel location, as we have some ways to get to Kamakura. I’ll choose the best transportation according to your hotel and our needs at the destination.

Estimate: From Shinjuku to Kamakura (about 1H)
If JR : 940JPY/adult, 470JPY/child (one way)
(If take Green Car +¥1000 for everybody)(one way) 

If Enoshima-Kamakura Freepass by Odakyu (all inclusive ticket) : 1,520JPY/adult, 770JPY/child
(If take Romance Car, +630JPY/adult, 320JPY/child (one way)
*Advanced booking is recommended for Romance Car.
Guide’s transportation fee : Sama as yours. 

【With JR-pass】

Details :
With JR-pass : No fee required for regular JR trains with JR-Pass.
Only small cash will be needed for Enoden train or buses at the destination.
Guide’s transportation fee : 1,880JPY(round-trip) (+1,000JPY/one way if take Green Car) 

【 Hired Car Plan 】 from/to Tokyo (9H)

Hired car arrangement is available upon your request. Ask me availability, preferably at least 2 weeks prior to the tour.
*Weekends/holidays are not recommended for hired car due to congestion.

・Sedan up to 4 people including guide : 45,480 JPY
・Wagon(ALPHARD) up to 6 people including guide : 46,530 JPY
・Wagon(HIACE) up to 9 people including guide : 53,540 JPY

*Highway tolls, parking lot fees, admission fees are to be paid separately.
Estimated Highway tolls : 1,690JPY (one way)×2 times=3,380JPY

I make a booking without extra charge, and you can pay the cost to driver at the end of tour day. Credit card is available on payment.



Green days are available.

Inquire with Quick Estimate

Make an injury with quick estimate for the cost on tour day. *required

    -refer to above calendar for availability.

    -select number in your group.

    - Major cost on tour day

    (without JR-pass)

    JR train (adult & guide) -round trip- 1,880 × =
    JR train (child) -round trip- 940 × =
    If take JR Green Car (adult & child & guide) -round trip- 2,000 × =

    Odakyu Enoshima-Kamakura Freepass (adult & guide) -round trip- 1,520 × =
    Odakyu Enoshima-Kamakura Freepass (child) -round trip- 770 × =
    If take Romance Car (adult & guide) -round trip- 1,260 × =
    If take Romance Car (child) -round trip- 640 × =

    Enoden local train (adult & guide) 400 × =
    Enoden local train (child) 200 × =
    Guide's JR transportation fee -round trip- 1,880 × =
    If take JR Green Car (for guide without JR-pass) -round trip- 2,000 × =

    ~for your reference

    Great Buddha (adult) 300 × =
    Great Buddha (child) 150 × =
    Hasedera temple (adult) 400 × =
    Hasedera temple (child) 200 × =
    【Basic-1】Kencho-ji Temple (adult) 500 × =
    【Basic-1】Kencho-ji Temple (child) 200 × =
    【Basic-2】Meigetsuin Temple (adult) 500 × =
    【Basic-2】Meigetsuin Temple (child) 300 × =
    【Nature-1】Houkokul-ji (Bamboo Temple) (adult & over 12) 300 × =
    【Nature-2】Sugimoto-dera (Moss temple) (adult) 300 × =
    【Nature-2】Sugimoto-dera (Moss temple) (child) 100 × =
    【OPTION】Enoshima Island -Eno Pass- (adult) 1,000 × =
    【OPTION】Enoshima Island -Eno Pass- (child) 500 × =

    adult child

    - Please mention details on below message.