A Quick View of Tokyo & surroundings


Central Tokyo
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Special Interests

Main Central Tokyo

These are major attractions for first-time visitors to Tokyo.

Marunouchi (丸の内)

A Center of Japan 
 〜Tokyo Station & Imperial Palace

・Marunouchi is a leading business district with high end shops in front of Tokyo Station.
・Imperial Palace (a former Edo castle remains) is also a main attraction, which is current Emperor’s residence.

/ Tokyo station / Tokyo Character Street / Tokyo Ramen Street / KITTE /  Marunouchi Bldg. &  Shin-Marunouchi Bldg. / Marunouchi Nakadori / Tokyo International Forum / 

/ Imperial Palace /  Nijubashi (Double bridge) / The east garden of Imperial palace / 
Guided Tour of Imperial Palace in English is offered by Imperial Household Agency. 

Asakusa(浅草)+Senso-ji Temple

A bustling old entertainment district

・Senso-ji is the oldest temple in Tokyo.
・Here retains an old townscape of the Edo period (=samurai period).
・Kaminarimon (Thunder gate) is an icon.
・Rickshaw and walking in rental kimono are popular experiences for tourists.

/ Kaminarimon gate / Senso-ji Temple / Nakamise shopping arcade / Asakusa culture Tourist Information center / Asakusa Shrine / Asakusa Engei Hall / Marugoto Nippon / Don Quijote Asakusa / Hoppy street (drinking alley) / Kappabashi street (kitchenware, food samples) / Asakusa Hanayashiki ( the oldest amusement park)/ Sumida River Cruise /

Tokyo Skytree and around

A “new downtown” with a new tower

・TOKYO SKYTREE is a new landmark, the highest freestanding broadcasting tower opened in 2012 with two observatories.
・New facilities, but filled with “downtown style”.

 ( Tokyo Skytree / TOKYO Solamachi /  Sumida Aquarium / Konica Minolta Planetarium / Postal Museum Japan / World BEER Museum (beer restaurant) / and more )

/ Sumida Park (Cherry blossom viewing spot) / 

Ueno (上野)

A relaxing area rich in nature and culture

・Ponds, many shrines, temples and all kinds of museums.
・Nearby Ameyoko is a busy market street originated in the black market after World War Ⅱ.
・Ueno Park is a popular family recreational destination and also one of the most famous cherry blossoms viewing picnic spot.

/ Ueno Park / Shinobazu pond / Bentendo Temple / Ueno Zoological Gardens (Panda) / Tokyo National Museum / Ueno Toshogu Shrine / Kan-eiji Temple (Tokugawa Shogunate’s family temple) / Ameyoko street / Yushima Tenmangu Shrine  /

*Ueno can be easily combined with Yanaka local walking.


Electric Town & the Heart of Subculture 

・Often called “Akiba” for short.
・Lined with Electronic stores from big to small ones.
・Cultural center for Otaku,  Japanese Manga and Anime lovers.
・A paradise for cosplay lovers and arcade game lovers.

/ Radio Kaikan (anime related items) / Radio Center Parts Market / Yodobashi Camera Akiba / Don Quijote Akihabara / Maid Cafes / Gundam Cafe / Mandarake / Gachapon Kaikan / Kotobukiya / Super Potato(retro games) / Hey (gaming arcade) / Sega arcades / Kanda Myojin Shrine / Cat Cafes / Owl Cafes / Purikura pictures / mAAch ecute Kanda Manseibashi / 2k540 Aki-Oka Artisan / Chabara /


High-end stores and the latest trends

・Lined with world-class brand shops and department stores.
・Ginza 4-chome Intersection is a symbol.
・The 5th Kabukiza Theater designed by famous architect Kuma Kengo in 2013.
・Of interest for its architectures.

/ Ginza Chuo-dori(Pedestrians’ Paradise on weekend afternoons) / Ginza 4-chome Intersection / Kabukiza Theater / Kabukiza Gallery / Kobikicho Plaza / Ginza Mitsukoshi / GINZA SIX /  GINZA PLACE(Nissan Crossing・Sony Store)/ Ginza Sony Park(until 2020)/  Ito-ya (Stationary Store) / Tokyo Kyukyodo (Japanese paper specialist) / Hakuhinkan Toy Park / Don Quijote Ginza-Honkan /
Tsukiji Market or Toyosu

Old and New Fish Markets

・World-famous Tsukiji Inner Market (for pros) has moved to Toyosu Market in 2018.
・Tsukiji Outer Market (for everyone) is still busy for foodies and shoppers.
・Newly opened Toyosu Market (for pros) has visitors’ route for tourists. 

/ Tsukiji Outer Market / Tsukiji Uogashi(the wholesale facility after 9:00 for non-professionals ) / Tsukiji Honganji Temple ( An ancient Indian style Buddhist Temple) / Tsukiji Namiyoke-jinja Shrine / Hamarikyu Garden / 

/ Toyosu Market / teamLab Planets (digital art museum / 
*Tsukiji & Ginza are in walking distance.


The center of youth culture〜A Massive Redevelopment Project is undergoing

・Shibuya Crossing is known as the busiest scramble crossing.
・The statue of Hachiko is a popular meeting place.
・SHIBUYA 109 is a shopping paradise for teenagers.

/ Shibuya Stream(Newly opened facility directly connected to Shibuya Station) / Shibuya Crossing / Hachiko dog statue / SHIBUYA 109 / Shibuya Center-gai /  Shibuya Hikarie / Tokyu Food Show / Nonbei Yokocho (Drunkard’s Alley) / Tokyu Hands Shibuya / LOFT / Don Quijote Shibuya / The Cerulean Tower Noh Theater / NHK Studio Park (a theme park of Japan’s national broadcaster) 

Harajuku(原宿) & Meiji-jingu 

Tradition and Modern Live Together

・Meiji-jingu Shrine is surrounded by deep sacred forest.
・Takeshita Street, just close to Meiji-jingu Shrine, is mostly crowded with teens.
・Yoyogi Park is popular for every generation with many events.
・Omotesando is a refined shopping street and of interest for its architectures.

/ Meiji-jingu Shrine / Harajuku / Takeshita street / Yoyogi Park / Omotesando street / Omotesando Hills / Tokyu-plaza Omotesando Harajuku / Omohara Forest (roof top rest)/  Laforet Harajuku / Ura-harajuku / Cat street / Second-hand clothes shops / Ota Memorial Museum of Art (Ukiyoe museum) / Kiddy Land / Oriental Bazaar (a long-established souvenir shop) / 


The Liveliest Town Never Sleeps

・East side is Japan’s greatest entertainment district with plenty of new hot spots.
・West side is skyscraper district, including the Metropolitan Government Building observation decks open to the public for free.
・Busta Shinjuku is a large bus terminal for long-distance highway buses.

/ Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building / Kabukicho / Busta Shinjuku / Shinjuku Golden Gai / Omoide Yokocho (nostalgic drinking alley) / Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden / Samurai museum / Robot Restaurant  / Department Stores & Electrics Stores / Bicqlo / Shinjuku Hanazono Shrine / LOVE statue / Godzilla Head / / Ninja Trick House in Tokyo / / VR Zone Shinjuku / Real Escape Game facilities / Thermae-Yu (spa complex) / 

Tokyo Tower and around

333 meters tall Tower has seen
Japan’s moments since 1958

・Tokyo Tower has been admired as the symbol of postwar’s recovery.
・Foot Town has shops, restaurants, and One Piece Tower.
・Neighboring Zojoji Temple is a family temple of Tokugawa Shogunate.

/ Tokyo Tower / Foot Town / One Piece Tower (famous anime theme park) / Zojoji Temple / Shiba Daijingu Shrine / World Trade Center Observatory / Kyu Shiba-rikyu Gardens / NHK broadcasting Museum / Atago-jinja Shrine / Tokyo Bay Cruising Restaurant / 

Roppongi (六本木)

Tokyo’s most foreigner-centric Nightlife Spot, evolving as a Hub of Art and Design

・A large number of foreigner friendly bars, restaurants and night clubs. 
・Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown are the latest cultural complex.
・ The National Art Center, Mori Art Museum and Suntory Museum form  “Art Triangle Roppongi”.

/ Roppongi Hills / Maman Spider Sculptures / Tokyo City View / Sky Deck (open-air observatory) / Mori Art Museum / Mouri Garden / TV Asahi / Tokyo Midtown / Suntory Museum of Art / 21_21 Design Sight / Fujifilm Square / The National Art Center, Tokyo / Hard Rock Cafe Roppongi / Legends Sports Bar / Tokyo Sports Cafe /


The new Waterfront of Tokyo Bay attracts couples and families

・Man made island originally built as fort to protect Tokyo (Edo then) against threat from overseas in the 19C. 
・Odaiba today has become a huge entertainment zone for young adults and families with kids.
・Also premier date spots for couples with romantic night views of Rainbow Bridge.

/ Rainbow Bridge / Odaiba Kaihinkoen Park / Fuji TV Building / Decks Tokyo Beach / Aquacity Odaiba / DiverCity Tokyo Plaza / “life-size” Gundam statue / Gundam Base Tokyo / Palette Town (Venus Fort , History Garage, Toyota Mega Web, Ferris Wheel)/ teamLab Borderless (digital art museum)  / Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation) / Oedo Onsen Monogatari (hot spring theme park) / Telecom Center Observatory / Tokyo Big Sight / Water Bus / Yurikamome Line / 

Deeper Central Tokyo

Deeper areas can be easily arranged with main attractions of central Tokyo as your preferences.


All roads lead to Nihombashi Bridge
 〜Being the Center of Commerce

・Nihombashi Bridge has been “the Kilometer Zero Maker” for Japan’s highway network since the Edo period.
・As the center of commerce and trade, boasting a longer history than Ginza.
・Well-established department stores and shops attracts shoppers.

 / Nihombashi Bridge / Bank of Japan Currency Museum / Mitsui Memorial Museum / Tokyo Stock Exchange / Nihombashi Mitsukoshi (Japan’s oldest department store) / Nihombashi Takashimaya (Its building is cultural important property)  / Coredo Muromachi complex / Coredo Nihombashi complex / Nihombashi Information Center / Ozu Washi, Haibara (Japanese paper)/ Ibasen(Japanese fan)/ and more / Nihombashi River Cruise /  


Academic area next to Akihabara

・As home to many universities, known for huge Second-hand Bookshop area, Music Instrument Street and sporting shops street
・Kanda Myojin Shrine is famous as holding one of the Edo’s Three Great Festivals and anime collaboration.
*This area is easily combined with Akihabara.

/ Kanda Myojin Shrine(a shrine collaborated with anime “Love Live”) / Yushima Seido Temple (Confucian temple)  / Nicolai-do (Holy Resurrection Cathedralbvvc) / Kanda (Jimbocho)  Second-hand Books Area / Musical Instrument street / Kanda sporting shop area / Ochanomizu Origami Kaikan (Origami center) / Meishu Center Ochanomizu (a sake tasting bar) / 

Ryogoku (両国)

Sumo Town 〜 Eat Chanko-nabe!

・Kokugikan is a national sumo stadium, hosting 3 of the 6 annual tournaments (in January, May and September).
・Many sumo stables and sumo related attractions can be found in the area.
・Eating Chanko-nabe (sumo wresler’s staple food) is popular attraction.
・Learn how people in the Edo period lived at Edo-Tokyo Museum.

 / Kokugikan (Sumo Stadium) / Edo-Tokyo Museum / Sumo Museum / Sumo photograph museum /  Sumida Hokusai Museum / Sword Museum / Kyu-Yasuda Teien Garden / Ryogoku Fireworks Museum / Ekoin Temple / Ryogoku Edo Noren(Restaurants complex with a sumo ring) / Kira Residence  Ruins (Related to ”the 47 ronin”)/ Sumo stables / RyogokuTakahashi ( sumo-related souvenirs) / Ryogoku Edo-yu (public bath with Hokusai works on the wall tiles) / Chanko-nabe restaurants / 

Tokyo Dome & around


An Amusement Complex in center

・Tokyo Dome, Japan’s biggest indoor baseball stadium, is the home of baseball team, the Yomiuri Giants.
・ Tokyo Dome City is a leisure complex including Tokyo Dome Attractions, LaQua spa facility and such.
・A variety of indoor attractions can keep kids busy even on a rainy day.
・Nearby area has Tokyo University, the prime university of Japan.

/ Tokyo Dome City / Tokyo Dome (an indoor baseball stadium) / Tokyo Dome Attractions (an amusement park) /  LaQua (spa facility) / TeNQ Space Museum (Space-related exhibitions) / Koishikawa Korakuen Garden ( one of the best Japanese-style garden in Tokyo) / Bunkyo Civic Center (a free observation) / Kodokan (the birthplace of Judo. Judo Museum & Library) / Tokyo University / the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum / 

Upscale international district with many embassies, close to Roppongi

・As with many companies’ head offices, foreign affiliated companies and embassies, forming an International residential district.
・Hie Shrine holds Sanno Festival in May, one of the Edo’s Three Great Festivals. Its back entrance with the stairway lined by 90 bright red torii gates is popular as instagrammable.

/ Akasaka Sacas (an entertainment complex including TBS TV) / Hie Shrine (with red tori gates’ tunnel)  / Akasaka Imperial Residence (the State Guest House in Neo-Baroque style) / Hotel New Otani Tokyo (a great Japanese garden & tea ceremony experience) / Toyokawa Inari Tokyo Betsuin Temple (with guardian fox statues) / Ninja Akasaka (ninja themed restaurant) / 



Redeveloped Skyscrapers Overlooking a Garden from the Edo Period

・Newly redeveloped district from 2002 accommodating many offices.
・The original site of Shimbashi Station, the terminal station of Japan’s first railway line.
・Nearby Shimbashi is know as “Salaryman” town where office works grab a drink after work.
・Hamarikyu Gardens gives impressive contrast between nature beauty and gleaming skyscrapers.

Shiodome SIO-SITE
/ Caretta Shiodome (restaurants, shops, Shiki Theater and an observatory)  / Shiodome City Center / Ad Museum Tokyo / Panasonic Living Showroom  /  Italian Town / Old Shimbashi Station: Railway History Exhibition Hall / Nippon TV Tower (Nittele Tower) / Nittele Ōdokei (the Giant Ghibli Clock designed by Hayao Miyazaki) / 

/ Hamarikyu Gardens ( the original site of Shogun’s hunting place in the Edo period)/ Nakajima-no-Ochaya Teahouse (Maccha green tea with a Japanese sweet)  /


One of the main commuter hubs at the northwestern corner 

High-rising Sunshine 60 is a landmark of Ikebukuro.
・The second busiest station with 2 major electric shops, plenty of entertainment, shopping and dining opportunities.
・Forming another Okaku culture zone along with Akihabara, especially for female manga and anime fans.
・A hot-spot for ramen lovers

Sunshine City( Sunshine 60 Observation Deck & Sky Circus  (arial VR experiences) / Sunshine Aquarium / Nanja Town (an indoor theme park by Namco)/  J-World(an indoor theme park based on manga & anime characters) / Konica Minolta Planetarium / Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo / )

 / Otome (Maiden) Road (girls’ anime & manga fans’ Mecca)  / Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro / Jiyu-gakuen Myonichikan  (a former school building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright / Tokyo Metropolitan Theater / Ikefukurou cafe (owl cafe) / 


An Important Transportation Hub for travelers to all destinations

・Originally developed as the first post station of Tokaido Highway of the Edo Period.
・Becoming a major transportation hub connecting many lines including Yamanote Line, Shinkansen Line and Keikyu Line which leads you to Haneda Airport.
・Direct trains to Narita Airport are also available from Shinagawa Station.

Shinagawa Station has 2 exits: 
Takanawa Exit and Konan Exit
Takanawa side has many hotels and entertainment facilities. Konan side is more business district where a massive redevelopment is undergoing .

/ Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa (in Shinagawa Prince Hotel ) / Shinatatsu Ramen & Donburi (Shinagawa Ramen expert street)/ Hara Museum of Contemporary Art (will be closed on Dec 2020)/ 

Off the Beaten path

Have been to most touristic spots?  Then let’s explore like locals do!

Yanaka(谷中)(Yanesen 谷根千)  

Stroll Downtown narrow alleys dotted with small shops with refined taste

・Yanesen(谷根千)stands for three area names, Yanaka(中), Nezu(津)and  Sendagi(駄木)
・Survived from disasters and WWⅡ bombings, it retains original charm.
・Has been loves by artists, many small galleries and refined shops can be found in the area.
・Street food can be enjoyed like a local at Yanaka Ginza shopping street 

/ Yanaka Ginza (local shopping street) /  Tennoji Temple / Yanaka Public Cemetery (last shogun’s grave’s here) / Tukiji wall (Kannonji Temple) / Space Ogurara (folklore museum) / Ueno Sakuragi Atari (Yanaka Beer Hall) / SCAI the Bathhouse (leading gallery used old public bath building) / Kayaba Coffee / Shitmachi Museum Annex / Asakura Museum of Sculpture / Amezaiku Yoshihara (handiwork candy) / Isetatsu (chiyogami – colorful washi paper) / Kaiun Yanakado(maneki-neko speciality) / Kigakuan (Edo cabinetwork) / Allan West studio (Japanese painting) / Hand Puppets Shokichi / Nezu Shrine (Azalea Festival in April) / and more
(Toden Arakawa Line)
Setagaya Line    


Outer Tokyo 




Nearby Prefectures (One Day Trip)

Kawagoe (Saitama)

Omiya (Saitama)





Special Interests

Animal cafes

Nature lover
・Showa Memorial Park

Ukiyoe wood-block paintings





Traditional craftwork 

Tokyo Disney Land