O-001 : Private Mt.Fuji – one day trip from Tokyo

Private Mt.Fuji only for you and your group, starting from Tokyo and ends-up in Tokyo. Basic plan uses Express Bus from Shinjuku to Kawaguchi-ko (one of the Fuji 5 Lakes) . Transportation options are available such as Limited Trains and Hired taxi or vans depends on participants numbers and your preferences. In case of bad weather, we have indoor alternatives.

Basic  11h bus

Start  08:00AM(09:00 if preferred) 
Meeting point Your hotel or any preferred spot in Tokyo 23 wards
Ending point  Shinjuku station or Your hotel 


Basic spots visiting


Kawaguchi-ko Lake

One of the Fuji Five Lakes. The entering spot for visitors from Tokyo in Mt.Fuji tourist area, as buses and trains from Tokyo arrives at Kawaguchi-ko station nearby.


Mt.Fuji Panoramic Ropeway

Only 3 mins ride of ropeway takes you to the top of Tenjo mountain with a panoramic view of Mt.Fuji and Kawaguchi-ko Lake underneath. At the top, there are some facilities such as Tanuki tea shop offering some snacks including popular Tanuki dumplings and a small souvenir shop selling cute Mt.Fuji related items.

boat cruise

Kawaguchi-ko Boat cruise

Just in front of ropeway is the pier for sightseeing boat Ensoleillé, which gives you 20 min pleasant lake cruise on Kawaguchi-ko Lake with a nice view of Mt.Fuji if the weather permits.

hoto noodle

Local lunch

Lunch is flexible in the area. Local specialties are Hoto noodles and Wakasagi fish (lake smelt), often fried. Hoto is hot pan cooking with flat noodle made of white flour, unique to Yamanashi prefecture. The features are a lot of vegetables as ingredients and mild miso-based soup.

One more spot to choose

Oishi Park

(Option-1) Oishi Park

One of the most popular Mt.Fuji viewing spots around Kawaguchi-ko Lake. Renowned for its beautiful seasonal flowers such as lavender in early summer and Kochia (summer cypress) in scarlet red in autumn. Nearby Hana Terrace is good for shopping. 

Transportation from Kawaguchiko station: Sightseeing bus(25min,490JPY/one way)  or taxi (15min、about 2,200JPY/one way)
Oshino hakkai

(Option-2) Oshino Hakkai Springs

A set of 8 sacred ponds of Mt. Fuji is part of UNESCO’s world heritages, “Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration”. In olden times, climbers cleansed their bodies prior to Mt.Fuji climbing with spring water.  

Transportation from Kawaguchiko station: Sightseeing bus(30min,440JPY/one way)  or taxi (20min、about 3,300JPY/one way)
Arakurayama Sengen Shrine

(Option-3) Arakurayama Sengen Shrine

Climbing 398 steps called Goddess Sakuya Stair will take you to scenic park located on the mountainside of Mt. Arakura,  offering a panoramic view of Mt.Fuji with its impressive vermillion Five-story pagoda. Must for cherry blossoms season, which is around mid Aril for this area. 

Transportation from Kawaguchiko station: Fujikyu Railway (Shimo-yoshida station) (15min,310JPY/one way)  or taxi (10min、about 1,300JPY/one way)

(Option-4) Kawaguchi-ko Music Forest Museum

A musical them park, designed with a European Alps atmosphere at the shore of Kawaguchi-ko Lake. You can enjoy the various types of music experiences with world-class collection of automatic musical instruments, including the world’s largest “dance organ and doll orchestra” and the Philharmonic Performance Orchestrion designed for the Titanic.

Transportation from Kawaguchiko station: Sightseeing bus(20min,390JPY/one way)  or taxi (15min、about 2,000JPY/one way)
Kawaguchi-ko Music Forest Museum: 1,800JPY/adult, 1,300JPY/university & high-school student, 1,000JPY/elementary and junior-high school student


An extraordinary exhibition of Kimono fabric by Itchiku Kubota who revived the traditional fabric dyeing technique of Tsujigahana, which had been lost for a long time. Have a quality time at the garden and the tearoom offering green tea with traditional Japanese sweets. 
*Closed on Tuesdays. 

Transportation from Kawaguchiko station: Sightseeing bus(20min,390JPY/one way)  or taxi (15min、about 2,000JPY/one way)
ITCHIKU KUBOTA ART MUSEUM: 1,300JPY/adult, 900JPY/university & high-school student, 400JPY/elementary and junior-high school student

(Option-6) Saiko area –Lake Saiko

One of the Fuji Five Lakes, located at the centermost of the five, though Saiko literary means West Lake. Much less developed and quieter than neighboring Lake Kawaguchiko. Surrounded by great nature, especially, on the southern shore lies Aokigahara Jukai, known as “Sea of Forest”.

Transportation from Kawaguchiko station: Hired taxi would be needed for Saiko area, since local transportation is poor. 
3H Hired taxi(up to 4people) 21,060JPY
3H Jumbo taxi(up to 9people) 24,000JPY 
Ice cave

(Option-6) Saiko area –Ice Cave or Wind Cave

This geological wonder is underneath Aokigahara Jukai “sea of trees” forest, designated as a national natural monument. Ice Cave is more adventurous with plenty of ups and downs, while Wind Cave is a gently-sloped cave that can easily traversed by children and seniors. 
*Wearing helmet is compulsory in Ice Cave.

Ice Cave or Wind Cave:350JPY/adult, 200JPY/children 

(Option-6) Saiko area –Aokigahara-jukai Forest

A vast dense forest called the Sea of Trees, grew upon lava spewed from Mt.Fuji in the 9th century, its last major eruption. Well-known for its unique vegetation environment. Though nicknamed as “Suicide Forest”. there are some trails we can enjoy today. We can try 30min trekking between Ice Cave and Wind Cave during the tour if you like.

folk village

(Option-6) Saiko area –Iyashi-no-Sato

Open air folk village museum with traditional thatched roofed houses stands on the site of a former farming village on the western shores of Lake Saiko. Once destroyed by a landslide, later reconstructed and opened as traditional craft village where people can enjoy craft making and purchase different local handicrafts in each house.

Iyashi-no-Sato NENBA: 350JPY/adult, 150JPY/elementary & junior-high school student
5th station

(Option-7) 5th Station

One of 5th stations of Mt.Fuji is Yoshidaguchi 5th Station reached by the Fuji Subaru Line toll road. A departure spot for climbers for top of Mt.Fuji in summer. There are some restaurants, shops and Komitake Shrine behind the shops.

*Not accessible when Subaru Line is closed, mainly due to snow conditions, from autumn to spring including a whole winter.

Transportation from Kawaguchiko station: 50min/one way
Hiking bus to 5th Station(round-trip)  : 2,300JPY/adult, 1,150/children 
3.5H Hired taxi(up to 4people) 25,500JPY +toll fee 2,100JPY
3.5H Jumbo taxi(up to 9people) 28,000JPY +toll fee 2,100JPY
The Ochudo trail

(Option-7) Hiking around 5th Station

There are some hiking trails around the 5th Station if you like walking in the nature. The Ochudo trail is a walking path that circles Mt. Fuji halfway up the mountainside. This trail becomes usually available with the melting of the snow around June. The best time to hike is when the Japanese larch turn yellow in October.

Seasonal Events

shiba sakura

Spring – Shiba-sakura Festival

Mid-April to May annually.
(Apr 11 to May 31, 2020)
One of the best and most popular spots to see shibazakura (pink moss or phlox moss). Approximately 800,000 stalks of shibazakura of five varieties bloom at the base of Mt.Fuji. Local food stalls are also enjoyable. 

Festival Admission : 800JPY/adult, 250JPY/children under 12
Transportation from Kawaguchiko station: Hired taxi would be recommended for Festival site, since local transportation is poor around the area. 
3H Hired taxi(up to 4people) 21,060JPY
3H Jumbo taxi(up to 9people) 24,000JPY 
Herb Festival

Early summerHerb Festival

Mid-June to mid-July annually.
(June 12 to July 12, 2020)
Carpet of flower which is in full glory that purple lavender is fragrant and stands. Superb view point where Oishi Park becoming venue can overlook Mount Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, lavender. Admission: free

Transportation from Kawaguchiko station: Sightseeing bus(25min,490JPY/one way)  or taxi (15min、about 2,200JPY/one way)
Autumn Leaves Festival

Autumn –Fuji Kawaguchiko  Autumn Leaves Festival

Usually November annually.

One of the most popular autumn events held in Kawaguchi-ko town. Maple Corridor which is a walkway lined by over 60 maple trees with autumn colour leaves. You can enjoy a market with small vendors selling seasonal foods, drinks, and local products and souvenirs.
Admission: free

Transportation from Kawaguchiko station: Sightseeing bus(20min,390JPY/one way)  or taxi (15min、about 2,000JPY/one way)
*I can customize the itinerary based on your request. Feel free to ask me any arrangement.


・This tour is basically a walking tour, using public transportation such as subways and trains. Please join with comfortable walking shoes.
・We can go for taxis upon your request at your expense, anytime if you wish.
・If someone in your group needs special care for long walking and stairs, let me know in advance.
・Please bring some cash in Japanese yen, since credit card is not accepted for vending machines, small shops and restaurants in Japan.

Expenses Not Included

・Transportation fee (you and guide)
・Food and drinks (you and guide)
・Entrance fee (you and guide)

Main Fee (on tour day)

【 Basic Plan by Express bus 】
Express bus between Shinjuku and Kawaguchiko : (1h45m)
(2,000JPY/adult, 1,000JPY/children under12) ×2times
Kawaguchi-ko Ropeway & Boat cruise Set ticket : 1,600JPY/adult, 800JPY/children under 12)

Transportation options 

【Option A : Ltd Exp. train】

FUJI EXCURSION*Need early booking. (1h52m)
(4,130JPY/adult, 2,060JPY/children under12 ) ×2times
3 round trip schedule on weekdays, 4 round trips on limited Saturdays and Holidays 
Official Time Schedule for Fuji Excursion
*Trains are effective to avoid the delays due to the traffic congestions.
*Seats for Fuji Excursion are quite limited. Booking Fuji Excursion by JR-pass is not realistic for many reasons (often too late when you arrive in Japan, also too complicated system). I’ll make booking for seats. We need advanced payment for booking. Please pay me the total amount for the train fare on the tour day in Japanese yen cash, please. I’ll let you the total amount in advance.

【Option B : Hired Car 】 from/to Tokyo (11H)

Hired car arrangement is available upon your request. Ask me availability as early as possible, preferably at least 2 weeks prior to the tour.

・Sedan up to 4 people including guide : 60,120 JPY
・Wagon(ALPHARD) up to 6 people including guide : 61,170 JPY
・Wagon(HIACE) up to 9 people including guide : 72,120 JPY
(Highway tolls, parking lot fees, admission fees are to be paid separately.) 
Estimate Highway tolls : Metropolitan 1,300+Chuo Highway 2,950=4,250 (one way)×2=8,500 JPY
If go to 5th station, +Toll Fee ¥2,100 

I don’t take any charge. I just make a booking, and you can pay the cost to driver at the end of tour day. Credit card is available on payment.



Green days are available.

Inquire with Quick Estimate

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    -Refer to above calendar for availability.

    - for your reference

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    4,000 × =
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