Golden Week

Golden Week is one of three annual holiday seasons in Japan.

Golden Week is a week with many national holidays which starts on April 29th. How long we have as Golden Week depends on the year calendar. Many people travel during this period, therefore everywhere gets packed with people including accommodations and transportations. It’s better to consider the congestion in the planning of travel.

Golden Week consists of 4 national holidays below.

Showa Day on Apr 29th

It used to be celebrated as the birthday of Emperor Showa. Now is the day to reflect on Showa Period when the recovery was made after the war.

Constitution Memorial Day on May 3rd

The holiday commemorates the day when Japan’s present Constitution came into effect on May 3rd in 1947.

Greenery Day on May 4th

It is the day to commemorate Emperor Showa’s interest in biology. Greenery Day used to be Apri 29th which is the Emperor Showa’s birthday. As Apri 29th was designated as Showa Day later, Greenery Day was moved to May 4th. A little bit complicated.

 The Emperor’s Birthday changes!! 
The national holiday for Emperor’s Birthday changes each time the Emperor changes. But when the Emperor Showa passed away, Japanese people still needed it as a holiday because Apri 29th was an important part of Golden Week, which is one of three annual holiday seasons in a year along with Obon holiday in Aug and New Year’s holiday.


Children’s day on May 5th

It used to be Boys’ Festival. As it is registered as a national holiday, it turned to “Children’s Day” for both boys and girls, because March 3rd is Girls’ Festival but not designated as a national holiday.

The families with boys display Samurai armor dolls in their houses and fly carp streamers on a pole to pray for boys’ healthy growth.

The details → Children’s Day

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