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Demon Slayer

“Demon Slayer” breaking the records despite the pandemic.

I finally went to see the most talked-about movie of this year in Japan, “Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba –“ and loved it, being moved with tears. Surprisingly, this animated movie has been breaking box office records despite pandemic in Japan.  Based on a popular manga series, which set in the early 20th century Japan, depicting a boy fighting human-eating demons after his family is slaughtered by a demon and his younger sister is turned into a demon (how sad…) , trying to find a way to return his sister to a human again.  The movie is the sequel to an anime television series aired in Japan last year. […]

Why Japanese people wear masks?

“Why so many Japanese people wear masks?”  This is the most frequently asked question from the tourists visiting Japan in springtime. Our guests seem to be puzzled to see many people wearing masks after winter is over. Some guests get anxious if some infectious diseases are spreading around or doubt the air might be too polluted in Japan. So we need to be very careful to explain it’s nothing about that kind diseases. It just causes from hay fever, pollen allergy from certain plants, mainly from cedar trees. It is said some 30% of Japanese people suffer from pollen allergy from Feb to Apr these days.  Itchy eyes, runny nose, […]

heavy snow in Tokyo 2018

Heavy snow in Tokyo

It snowed heavily in Tokyo. It snows a few times a year in Tokyo, but rare to see this much. It was the heaviest snowfall in 4 years. Tokyo is not snowy region, so snow directly disrupts the traffic in Metropolitan area. Tokyo commuters face severe delays due to snow. Stations are packed with people. The highways are closed and hundreds of cars got stuck on roads. It may effect on the tourist, too. It’s better to take special attention to the weather forecast in winter time.