Grand Sumo at Kokugikan

Grand Sumo at Kokugikan Sumo Stadium

Sumo is a national sport of Japan, originated in Shintoism which is indigenous to Japan. Thus, Sumo still retains big influence from Shinto rituals, such as throwing salt before each match and stomping on the ground to drive evil spirits away.

Grand Sumo is the biggest Sumo tournament by professional Sumo wrestlers. Grand Sumo has 6 tournaments throughout Japan, each has 15 days. 3 of them are held at Kokugikan Sumo Stadium, here in Ryogoku, Tokyo. Watching Sumo matches at the stadium is beyond your imagination.

“満員御礼” (man-in-on-rei) shows “Thanks for Full House!”

Ryogoku has a lot related to Sumo.

Kokugikan is located near Ryogoku station. Around the area, there are many unique sights related to Sumo.  It’s fun to get around. If you’re lucky, you come upon Sumo wrestlers walking on the street in Yukata (light cotton kimono). Also this area is famous for Chanko-nabe restaurants. Chanko is food for Sumo wrestlers. Why don’t you try one sometime?



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